Yummy Cake

I crave for you, I want more of you. Too much sweet is bad for your health, it is true indeed. I want to savor you again and again. It seems that you are created as perfect as you are. It is not satisfying as I can say, because darling I crave for you.


You said that I deserve a better love, but I don’t want any other love. I only want your love, just yours.

You were wrong when you thought that you can’t give me the love that I deserve. Because love, I’ve felt it; you loved me enough in your own little way.

You didn’t just give me a flower, but you offered me a whole damn garden of rose; the epitome of true love.

You were far more than the blackhole you hold, it was just a part of you that I’d come to love, ’cause you were my own universe.

You have the brightest stars in your pair of orbs. The curve of your lips was the most astonishing crescent moon I’ve ever seen.

Despite the emptiness you have, you filled me with your love and care.

You made me happy even sadness was living inside you.

Maybe, I was the one who didn’t love you enough.

And maybe, my hands were not meant to hold a universe like you.

But, I wish you didn’t have to let me go despite of all the differences.

That for once, someone like you would choose to stay; to hold me and won’t ever let go.

I’d never wish for a better love, I’d only hope for you to stay, but you didn’t. You didn’t.

β€”Mickey Em, β€œI’d never wish for a better love.”

Inspired by Jade Alarde’s To someone who’s loving my past lover